Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day 4/1

I am actually going to do a freezer cooking day today, unlike last time when it didn't quite happen.

I have already gone shopping this morning. I already had most of the ingredients that I needed. I only needed about 5 or so ingredients. This is a very exciting day for me. Just bear with me on getting everything posted.

My plan for the next 2-3 days is:

-Mini apple pies
-baked ziti
-breakfast cookies
-chicken and broccoli casserole
-hot wings
-mini meatloaf
-taco meat
-banana crumb muffins

This list is going to take me a while because this is my first time actually completing this.

Wish me luck!!! LOL I will update as I go......


  1. Good luck! I have been freezer cooking for years and it is a lifesaver for us.

  2. Thanks. I am taking a break. It is so fun!! LOL :)