Sunday, February 28, 2010

Learning to love cooking

This is my first post on my blog. I have recently fallen in love with reading blogs, so I decided to start my own.

Cooking is a new passion of mine. My mom couldn't have paid me to watch her cook when I was younger. I guess having a family changed me. I love the joy that I get from seeing their smiling faces when I cook something wonderful for dinner. My children are not picky eaters and neither is my Husband so that makes it even more enjoyable.

Tomorrow MoneySavingMom is having a Freezer Cooking Day. I want to join in, but I am a little scared to tackle such a big task. I will do my own small cooking day. Well I can always join in with that. I think I will. So here is what I am planning to do...

Preparation List:

-chicken fingers (about 30)
-french toast sticks (about 50)
-waffles (about 30)
-marinate snack wings in hotsauce and freeze (about 40)
-marinate chicken leg quarters in italian dressing and freeze (1-4lb pack)
-cook a whole chicken, shred, and freeze in smaller portions
-freeze the broth in ice cube trays for later use

Well that is my plan....I hope I can complete that. I feel it is better to start off with simple foods that I have done before. Well it is nice to finally start my blog. I will let everyone know how I did after the cooking is done.