Sunday, March 27, 2011

Consignment Sale Pics!!

Here are some of the great outfits I bought for my daughters. All together I got 19 outfits, 3 pair of capris, and 3 pair of shoes. They were so happy that they put on a fashion show for everyone at home.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Consignment Sale Today!!!!

I am up early and so very excited. I am going to a consignment sale today to get Spring/Summer clothes for my children. I just absolutely LOVE this time of year. And I am child free to top it all off. My wonderful Husband is keeping all 3 so I can shop in peace......Heaven on Earth!!! LOL :)

I'll take pics when I get back. Wish me luck!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Its been a LONG time!!!

I know I haven't been keeping up my blog lately, but a LOT has happened since the last time that I wrote. I hopefully will be able to update my blog at least once a week to start off now. I am settled again and everything seems to be getting back on track. Plus I miss posting my deals and getting responses from everyone.

So I guess I will start working on my blogging skills......LOL

Friday, May 21, 2010

CVS Trip 5/21

Today I went to CVS and bought:

1 pk of Carefree Pantyliners $3.99
1 bottle of Dawn dish detergent $.83
1 Johnson Baby Powder $1.99
1 caramel candy $.33

Total Before Coupons: $7.14
Total After Coupons: $.21

Coupons used:
$1/1 Carefree
$1/1 Johnson product
$.50 dawn detergent
$4.99 ECB (Extra Care buck)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CVS Trip

1-Dove Conditioner 4.49
4-CVS Single Roll Tissue .50

Total after coupons and CRTs: 3.49
ECBs Received: $4.49

Walgreens Trip 4/11

3-ban deodorant 3.99
1-schick shave gel 2.99

3-.75/1 Ban coupons
1- Wags coupon for $.99 X 3

Total: 4.17 after coupons
Received: $3 RR

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Shopping 4/10

Walgreens Trip

3-Dawn 1.99
1-Stride Gum 1.29
1-M&M .89
3-Oral B Toothbrushes 3/$9
3-Highlighters 1.19 (rebate of $4.50 for buying 3)

Total before coupons: $20.72
Total after paying with coupons, rebate and RRs: -$2.91

Kmart Trip

I had my Aunt with me and she used her card too!! LOL

2-All Detergent 4.00
2-Oral B Toothbrushes 3.97
2-Stayfree maxi pads 3.97
2-Halls Refresh 1.99
2-Dove Deodorant 3.97

Total before coupons: $35.80
Total after coupons: $1.74

Food Lion Trip

4-Snuggle Liquid 2.99
6-Snuggle Dryer sheets 2.99

Total before coupons: $29.99
Total after coupons: $2.29

CVS Trip

12-Dove Detergent .96
1-Contour Meter 14.99
3-Stride Gum .99
1-Colgate 2.99

Total before coupons: $30.49
Total after paying with coupons and ECBs: $1.67